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Welcome!  to Suncoast Community Mediation!

Finding yourself in a dispute? Maybe SCM can help!

Founded in 2021, Suncoast Community Mediation provides free or reduced-fee skilled volunteer mediation services to individuals and community organizations, resolving conflict before it escalates. Working with our community, SCM supports underserved groups and the non-profits that serve them acting as a community and referral resource to agencies and service providers as needed.

SCM partners with neighborhoods and community organizations as well as city and county governments to mitigate neighbor, housing, and relevant issues. SCM offers conflict resolution as well as skills training in schools, prisons, houses of worship, the workplace - wherever people gather to form community. Through group facilitation SCM encourages open dialogue to build trust among community organizations as well as between community and government agencies, all without discrimination.

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  • Mediation services  to resolve disputes which arise from living together in community

               (Including: Families, Children, Elderly, Neighbors, Homeless, Consumers, Institutionalized, Underserved)


  • Educational programs  to teach mediation techniques and communications strategies


  • Facilitation  as guided discussion


  • Training  in facilitation and listening skills


  • Peer mediation programs in schools and other facilities



  • Encourage  open dialogue


  • Intervene  at the earliest stages of a dispute


  • Facilitate  the connectivity of community groups.


  • Improve  communications between governmental agencies and communities


  • Act  as a community referral resource to agencies and service providers


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