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Become a Member!

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Membership is open to all individuals who endorse and support the Center's mission and wish to help shape its future.

Membership Levels

$10                 Student/Low income

$25                 Individual

$60                 Family

$75                 Organizational Partner

$100 +            Advocate

$500 +            Peacekeeper

$1000+           Visionary

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

+ Members have the opportunity to meet with and become a part of a community of like-minded individuals, sharing a commitment to peacemaking.

+ Members have access to an e-mail notification list for timely updates on local events and activities related to peace, justice and nonviolence. 

+ Members have access to a lending library and other educational resources for their own or their students to research on issues of peace and justice.

+ Members will be informed of trainings in nonviolence, conflict resolution, anti-racism, and other educational opportunities related to peace and justice. 

+ Members can be assured that they are part of an organization committed to actively working to improve the lives of people in our local community by providing education and skills training designed to lower the level of violence through concrete problem solving and conflict resolution. 

Benefits of becoming a Partner Organization

Organizations may affiliate with the Center through our Partnership Program.  Partner status is open to institutions or organizations whose missions are aligned with that of the PEACenter Mission.  All partnerships must be approved by the Peace Education and Action Center on a case-by-case basis.  No organization that puts forth candidates for political office shall be eligible for membership.  Organizations that apply for partner status must be committed to peacemaking in their advocacy and activities.

Services/Resources Available to Partner Organizations

+ Enhanced promotion/publicity

  • Help in publicizing the work of member organizations

  • Maintaining Peace Center website with local events listed

  • Distributing Monthly E-Newsletter 

+ Networking to enhance effectiveness

+ Participation in the benefits of PEAC's 501c3 status

  • Accepts tax deductible donations and foundation grants for the educational and organizing work of member groups

+ Shared Physical Space

  • Provides meeting space at minimal cost

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