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Manasota Anti-Racism Coalition

Mission:  To foster communication and build a support structure for local organizations to combat institutional racism and white supremacy.

Membership is open to local groups actively engaged in fighting racism and advancing the cause of equity and justice.

Annual membership dues are $10.


The Coalition presented this Petition on Racial Equity to the Sarasota County School Board at the 10/20/20 meeting.

Sign our Petition here if you support implementing policies to "Undo Racism in Sarasota County Schools".

ARC Statement - June 2020.png

Statement of the Manasota Anti-Racism Coalition on the Urgent Need to Confront Racism and White Supremacy

Sign on to the Statement to show your support.  If you sign the statement you are granting permission for your name to be published as a supporter.  You will also be added to the Coalition email list.

Member Organizations

The following organizations and individuals have signed on to support the MARC Statement:

The Multicultural Health Institute

Brady Sarasota

Humanists of Sarasota Bay

Unity of Sarasota

        Judy Kenley                       David Helgager

        Peg Tams                          Joyce Fitzpatrick

        Doug Francis                     Gregory Short

        Amy Weinberger                William Takacs 

        Julia Albanese                    Ashley Murphy

        Alexandra Vargas               Jeannie Perales

        Edward Loomis                  Larry Face 

        Mary Lee Slettehaugh          Monica Firely

        Catherine Bonner               Catherine Ferrer

        Rev. Glen Graczyk              Marsi Callaghan 

        Florence Shelton-Clark        Nancy Richardson

        Sarah Melcher                    Tihda Vongkoth 

        Ed Sabol                            Odessa Ammons

        Carol Rescigno                   Sheila Daley

        Lorrie Simmons                  Andrea Blanch

        Katelyn Grimmett               James Keeney

        Deborah Kostroun               Howard Adams

        Uzi Baram                          Donna Allman

        Linda Pletzke                      John Golden

        David and Lolly Owens        Gilbert (Budd) Friend-Jones

        Joan Duvall                        Marguerite Terrill

        Jessica Traiger                    Dajé Austrie 

        Dale Anderson                    Sarah Hernandez

        Sheila Siegel                       Pat Halperin                        

        Terry Needell                      Catherine Ellis                     

        Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle           Donna de Poalo       

        Ashley Kassay                      Katie Cianfaglione              

        Kendra Gemma                   Dixie Mahan                        

        Ellen Semel                         Ivan Kazen                                 Ethan Weiss                        Rebecca Leas                      

        William Gilbert                    Samantha Miller

        David Helgager                   Annelise Adams                  

        Jacqueline Wands                Sheila Daley                     

       Valerie Buchand                   Nina Tortelli                       

        Evan Farrar                         Lillie Brock                          

        Brandy Austin                      Lee Buechler                      

        Oliver Gale                          Melody Culp                       

        Jarred Wilson                                                 


Access the National Museum of African American History and Culture's 

Anti-Racism resources here.  

If your organization is interested in becoming a member of the Coalition,

please email:

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