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Local Activism

The Peace Education and Action Center is a central hub for community organizing; providing education and resources to those working to bring about positive social change and inspiring actions that support a more peaceful and just world.  We foster a culture of peace through education; promoting sustainable economic and social development; promoting respect for all human rights; ensuring equality for all people; fostering democratic participation; advancing understanding, tolerance and solidarity; supporting participatory communication and the free flow of information and knowledge; promoting international peace and security; and supporting independent artists and musicians.

Ending Racism


A local anti-racism coalition formed out of the Undoing Racism Workshop sponsored in the Spring of 2018 by the PEACenter.  Join us in working to end racism!

Climate Change 


The Sarasota Climate Justice Coalition, formed in January 2017, works under our umbrella. Learn more about their work. 

Election Reform


RCV-SRQ is a grassroots committee working to implement Ranked Choice Voting in the City of Sarasota.  Learn more about there work. 

Move to Amend


Manasota Move to Amend is working to amend the constitution to say "Corporations are NOT people and money is NOT speech".

WBPV-LP 100.1

WBPV 100.1 is a low power radio station licensed to the PEACenter.  We are currently working in partnership with WSLR-LP 96.5

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