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Our Mission:

To connect and empower people to build a more just and peaceful community and world.

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Mosaic Movements

Advancing DEI through transformative arts and cultural experiences,

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The Peace Education and Action Center, a registered 501c3 organization, is serving as a fiscal sponsor for Mosaic Movements.  Use the link below to ensure that your donation supports Mosaic Movements.

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Undoing Racism Workshop

‘Undoing Racism’®:

A Workshop for Individuals active in local Faith and Spiritual Communities

May 21 - 23, 2022

Location: Quaker Friends Meeting House, 3139 57th St., Sarasota, FL, 34234

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this workshop is to bring individuals from different faith and spiritual traditions together to create a common understanding of how race and racism impacts us and our communities. Through this workshop, we will dialogue about and learn how we might create equity and inclusion in and through our faith and spiritual communities. Our faith and spiritual beliefs can play a transformative role as we undo racism in our communities.


                    Saturday, May 21, 12-9pm

                    Sunday, May 22, 1-8pm

                    Monday, May 23, 4-9pm 



We are committed to having members of our community participate regardless of their ability to pay. Thus, we have a limited number of scholarships available. Please let us know if you need a scholarship. 


To apply, please complete the form found here.

Supporting Documents:

People's Institute for Survival and Beyond Principles

People's Institute for Survival and Beyond History

People's Institute for Survival and Beyond Anticipated Outcomes

Find out more information about the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond at


School systems around the nation are seeing the need for a greater understanding of—and deliberate action to address—the sources of racism and racial inequities within their schools. They are making bold institutional commitments to an in-depth review of their policies and procedures, and investing in anti-racism education for students, teachers, administrators, and staff for the long run. In Sarasota, recurring tensions around race and persistent racial inequality indicate that the district needs to join these school systems around the nation. 


Sign here to show your support for the Manasota Anti-Racism Coalition's petition to 'Undo Racism in Sarasota Schools'. 

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